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*Soup is with all

TAMAGO-DON(玉子丼) ¥820 small:¥410

: Rice topped with partly-cooked egg raw yolk

KONOHA-DON(このは丼)¥980 small:¥500

: Rice topped with fish cakes, mushrooms & partly-cooked egg

KITSUNE-DON(きつね丼)¥980 small:¥500

: Rice topped with sliced fried Tofu, scallion & partly-cooked egg

OYAKO-DON(親子丼)¥1,130 small:¥560

: Rice topped with chicken & partly-cooked egg

YAKITORI-DON(焼鳥丼)¥2,060 small:¥1,030

: Rice topped with sliced barbecued chicken

TEMPURA-DON(天ぷら丼)¥1,960 small:¥980

: Rice topped with two fried Tempura prawns

TORORO-DON(とろろ丼)¥1,550 small:¥770

: Rice topped with grated mountain potatoes topped with raw yolk

ANAGO-DON(穴子丼)¥2,200 small:¥1,100

: Rice topped with cooked conger eel & finely sliced egg

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