NABE(Reservations are required)

TAKI-NABE(炊なべ) (Famous as UDON-SUKI)1
TAKI-NABE(炊なべ) (Famous as UDON-SUKI)2
TAKI-NABE(炊なべ) (Famous as UDON-SUKI) ¥3,500

: prawn, chicken, shoots, fried Tofu stuffed with vegetables, wakame seaweed, Chinese cabbage, etc….will be served in a beautiful brass pan with soup. Later, UDON will be served too.


: TAKI-NABE, with duck instead of chicken

*Please make sure to say
“NAMA-TAMAGO-WA-DAME-DESU”, if you can not eat raw egg or partly cooked egg, then you will get well cooked one (raw yolk won’t be served).

*When this Restaurant is crowded, you may sit with other guests at the same table, then you can share good taste & happy time.